Engraved Pavers Donation

Your $450 donation is tax-deductible.  A 15" x 15" granite paver will be engraved with the name of your choice at the Oklahoma State Capitol Memorial Plaza.  

Click the link below to make your paver donation through a secure website connection.  Upon completion of your successful donation you will have the opportunity to enter biographical information and a photograph. 

Each granite paver may only contain the name of one person, no titles (i.e. "Mr. & Mrs." or "Tom and Susan Smith" are not allowed). Nicknames are not allowed on pavers but are welcome on the biography.  There is a maximum of 36 characters that can be inscribed.

Corporate Pavers  - Your company's $1500 donation is tax deductible.  A 15"x30" granite paver will be engraved with the company name and city of your choice at the Oklahoma State Capitol Memorial Plaza.

Click here for Corporate paver guidelines
Click here to make your online donation for pavers (you will be able to select the number of pavers and enter the names to be engraved on the donation screen)

Want to pay by check?
If you would prefer to pay by check, you can fill in the following form and then mail a check to:
Friends of the Capitol
7100 N. Classen Blvd.
Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Click here to pay by check
Your memorial paver will be engraved and installed in the Memorial Plaza in approximately 6-8 weeks.  No refunds.  Customer service can be reached at 405-843-2443 or by email at customerservice@friendsofthecapitol.com.