Corporate Pavers Now Available!

Now you can remember and honor a special person within your organization, or become a contributor as a corporate entity. Years ago, the idea of a Memorial Plaza was conceived to allow every Oklahoman to stake a claim in Oklahoma History. Now, that opportunity is extended to businesses, as well as foundations who can be honored at the Capitol and preserve their place as contributors to our great state!

It’s easy to create that special place with a handsome granite paver. Your 15” x 30” paver will join others that will comprise the Memorial Plaza and is available to each Oklahoma business by simply making a $1500.00 tax-deductible donation to “Friends of the Capitol.” Stake your company’s contributions to Oklahoma, or honor a retiring employee with a personal paver and attached biography. The granite is in place ready to receive your business or honoree’s name in the vast Memorial Plaza at the monumental entrance to the Capitol!

Corporate Contributions
After the granite paver is engraved, each donating business can find its exact location through a computerized locator in the Capitol. This locator allows businesses to include a corporate history, including their contributions to the state of Oklahoma. This technology clearly allows each Oklahoman a living record of the men, women, and entities who built, and are continuing to build, this great state.

Wonderful Retirement Gifts
The gift of a paver is a thoughtful and wonderful way to recognize the accomplishments of a special employee or member of any organization. This memorial will offer all Oklahomans a chance to be reminded of Oklahoma’s great history and experience first-hand a lasting memorial to the contribution of those who have gone before them.

Friends of the Capitol
Corporate Paver Guidelines

Paver Size: 15x30

Price: $1,500

Eligible Businesses: This program is specifically for those entities which are not individuals (they can purchase individual pavers), specifically, corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP), limited partnerships (LP) and general partnerships (GP). If the company has a unique tax ID (FEIN), that company qualifies as an eligible business, subject to the other guidelines herein. The board reserves the right to allow a sole proprietor (those who file a Schedule C rather than a separate tax return) to purchase a corporate paver and will consider if that individual has a separate (filed) DBA (“doing business as”).Other qualifications below.

Oklahoma Based: The company may either be an Oklahoma company, be headquartered in Oklahoma or have a strong presence in Oklahoma (but must list the city – ie Dell Corporation, Oklahoma City)

Reputable: The final approval for a corporate paver resides with FOC’s board. The board has the authority to determine whether the business is reputable and has the right to refuse the sale of a paver to a company it deems is not reputable or in any way conflicts with the mission of FOC.

Imprinting: only name and city (city is optional, except as stated above in “Oklahoma Based”)

Titles: If the legal name of the business includes a title or designation, such title or designation may be used, if the legal name is used (ie John M Smith MD LLP)

Multiples: a business may purchase more than one paver IF that business has more than one location (ie ABC Corporation, Tulsa and ABC Corporation, Okmulgee)

For Donation instructions (pay online or by check), click here